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Customer Testimonials

" Mike and his crew (John, Gary, and Rich) recently completed an incredible    kitchen transformation for us. The project was completed on time, came in at   budget, and the guys were extremely efficient. Mike was exceptionally easy to  work with and quoted us a very reasonable price. The team was on time every    morning, worked hard throughout the day, professional, perfectionist, clean, and   courteous. What more could you ask for from a renovation company!! Our friends, family, and neighbors are amazed with the renovation. When the time comes for future home projects we will definitely call Mike!!  "


                             Sean & Christine Criswell - Avon Lake, Ohio                                                                                   

              "  Mike is very reliable and professional. He was quick to respond when                     called about installing a new entry door and provided us with a timely                     estimate. He had no problem understanding what we wanted done.                       The quality of work Mike and John performed was exceptional. This                       was the first time we had a contractor actually do what he said he was                   going to do. You can trust Mike and his workers to do the job right the                    first time, without cutting corners. They also cleaned up afterwards,                       which was a bonus. We will definitely be hiring Mike again for other                       projects.


                   Kathy & Bob - Medina, Ohio   

              "  Everything that has been said in theses testimonials can be added to                     mine. I am a interior designer and have not found anyone that I                              would recommend to improve homes untill Mike and his crew. I highly                    recommend this company.                                                                  


                                             Bonnie Marek - North Olmsted, Ohio

              "  Having had work done by Mike over the past 2 years, we were blown                     away by his attention to detail and his work ethic. Our friends were                         VERY impressed!! Lots of projects in our home await his touch.        "

                  Ava & Bob - Parma, Ohio

The professionalism and quality of work far exceeded my expectations. Mike and his entire work crew should be used as the example of how a business should be run.

Aaron - North Olmsted, Ohio


Our search has ended for a reliable, reputable, friendly & patient company. Thank you Total Home - it was a pleasure doing business with all of you!!

Denis & Julie
 - Strongsville, Ohio

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC